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Benny Lava Caught Again (faked hacking thread)

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:52 AM

Original post by Raikari and ending rickroll at original post #313 by Cynic highlighting that the pics in the original post were faked on purpose to see if NCsoft West read external forums. BTW - the result of this post was that a GM checked Cynic out in game and then apologized and that's how Cynic was the first person on Siel to get black dye:


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Posted Image

So I saw Naruto dying a bit too much today when he was in the "Divine Fortress", And I figured I want to be the one to catch him in the act, And sure enough. As you can see from my screenshots above, he was up to his old tricks again. I have already reported this to the GM ticket boss and got a very comforting response. I really hope this time they permaban this DBAG

<3 Raikari



Fake ticket posted in support of the original forum post:


Posted Image

Thought I would post the Ticket reply on this! ;)



Last post from Cynic - note that the original rickroll sound no longer exists and has been replaced by its youtube:


Hahah OK I don't think I can keep my mods away from this anymore, they're craving for blood.

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