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[AA] gearing up in AA

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Posted 24 October 2014 - 09:57 PM



As Head Start and Release get closer, I'm noticing a lot of players that are newer to the game. That's actually an awesome thing, and I'd like to repost some things I had put together a few weeks ago -- in the hopes that it will help people who may be having trouble finding things out on their own. I'm also adding some new information!   **Hellswamp/Sanddeep** *(Available early 30s -- Need Confirmation)* * [Cloth, Leather or Plate Uppers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3136/) - (Hellswamp)   * [Cloth, Leather, or Plate Lowers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/2000/) - (Sanddeep)   * [Hood, Cap, or Helm](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3336/) - (Sanddeep)   * [Bow, Shield, or Lute](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3107/) - (Hellswamp)   * [Sword, Nodachi, or Staff](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3112/) - (Hellswamp) **Rookborne Basin/Windscour Savannah/Perinoor Ruins** *(Available late 30s -- Need Confirmation)* * [Cloth, Leather or Plate Uppers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3026/) - (Rookborne Basin)   * [Cloth, Leather, or Plate Lowers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3189/) - (Windscour Savannah)   * [Hood, Cap, or Helm](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/4966/) - (Perinoor Ruins)   * [Bow, Shield, or Lute](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/2997/) - (Rookborne Basin) * [Sword, Nodachi, or Staff](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/2990/) - (Rookborne Basin) **Hasla/Karkasse Ridgelands** *(Possibly available by Lv43, definitely by Lv45)* * [Cloth, Leather or Plate Uppers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3372/) - (Hasla)   * [Cloth, Leather, or Plate Lowers](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/4336/) - (Karkasse Ridgelands)   * [Hood, Cap, or Helm](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/4374/) - (Karkasse Ridgelands)   * [Bow, Shield, or Lute](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3374/) - (Hasla)   * [Sword, Nodachi, or Staff](http://archeagedatab.../us/quest/3421/) - (Hasla)     In addition to these quests, there's lots of great armor and weapons available through the PVE Dungeons. I put together a list of what armor drops from what instance, you can find it **[here](https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing)**. It's incomplete at the moment, in that I do not have a full listing of all weapons available from each instance. However, the armor portion is complete to the best of my knowledge. If anything I have listed above seems inaccurate, feel free to let me know and I can look into it! Edit: A lot of people are point out lower levels that some of these quests can be completed, and it's true -- some of them can be started as early as 43 or so, however, the hood/cap/helm is only available at level 45. So, it's my suggestion that if you were just going to cruise through and pick up the entire armor set, do it at 45 to streamline the process.


There's a few options! The first, and easiest -- are instance drops. To the best of my knowledge, every instance has a healing weapon in its loot table. Probably 1H and 2H. Another option, though slightly more expensive, will likely last you a while. You can buy [**this**](http://archeagedatab.../us/item/18407/) and **[this](http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/18405/)** for 100g/each from a Weapon Merchant. You can then buy 200g/each worth of mats and upgrade it into **[this](http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/18408/)** and **[this](http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/18406/)**, respectively.   Addendum - For comparison, with   * 198 Sunlight Archeum Dust   * 75 Iron Ingots   * 15 Blue Salt Wedges   * 7 Silver Ingots   * 6 Blue Salt Gloves   * 6 Copper Ingots   You can get **[this](http://archeagedatab.../us/item/20337/)**.

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