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[AA] fishing in AA (WIP)

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Posted 27 October 2014 - 09:58 AM

there are two two types of fishing in aa, sport fishing and non sport fishing.


regular fishing can be afk'ed by right clicking the cast icon. however it costs money for all the required mats and tools.



where as sport fishing everything but the rod is bought with vocation points. basically you'llw ant the cheapest lures from teh vocation vendor, a bit of chum just in case, and a bamboo rod.


on the chummed up fishing spot you cast but do not try to catch any fish. you just keep recasting getting 100 vocation points and 100 proficiency per cast.


this can be done in safe zone lakes.


around 10k i think you go out to the sea and start actually trying to catch fish. you'll need a decent set of lures and a steel rod. and then you turn in fish everytime you catch a deent one, which i'm afraid you'll have to learn for yourself when its' worth while to actually reel in a fish.


ideally you'll be close enough to teh turn in point docks to make good gold per hour this way.

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