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nobodyplaysgames.com - *The Rules*

Main regulations:

1. No flaming. No hate material, including without limitation, defamatory, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive imagery, content or language. No hate material.

2. No disgusting stuff. No pornography or obscene material.

3. No politics. No overt propaganda. This site does not tolerate or endorse obvious political agendas, or ones that have blatant messaging of slogans and attacks on religions, ethnic groups, or personalities, or that would otherwise tarnish our reputation.

4. Do not promote the use or location of private servers, hacking tools/services, illegal downloading, botting, RMT (kinah buying), power-leveling, or any other related topic. This one shouldn't need much explaining. You're only as good as what YOU bring to the game. Not an outside service, hack, bot, or other type of unfair advantage.

5. If you are having issues, talk to the staff.

Polite complaints/rants would gladly be accepted by our staff members. However, please note that the first place one should look if one is giving feedback on the website is the feedback forum, located here.

6. No blatant advertising.

It's perfectly fine to reference an article on another site or mention a cool place you found in passing, but do not publicly or blatantly advertise. This includes continuously mentioning said advertisement in threads, abusing the private messaging system with mass mailings, putting the advertisement in your signature, and any other form. We do not care if your product is free or not, don't advertise it here. The one exception to this is mods for games, which may have 1 thread each.

7. Multiple Accounts

Users who create multiple accounts to bypass bans or for other unproductive methods may find themselves subject to a temporary or permanent IP ban. Accounts created to bypass another account's ban will also be banned.

8. EULA Violations (Excludes petty violations such as Harassment & Name Calling)

Baseless or obviously malicious Name/Shame threads regarding EULA violations will be closed/deleted based on content. If these threads contain reasonable discussion and/or evidence (such as video evidence) they will be left open to facilitate informing the community as a whole. These threads will be moderated should they become overly inflammatory, so please keep the discussion civil.

9. Common Sense

In all communities there are unwritten laws, things that we simply know to be true. This was once referred to as common sense prior to it nearing extinction, I quite fondly refer to it as {Removed Pending Lawsuit from Marvel}

Jokes aside things that break the spirit of the rules, that defy common sense, will be acted upon by Administrators and Moderators should the need to arise. Examples of this include obnoxious or board-distorting signatures, shady dealings that dance on the edge of our current ruleset and anything overly migraine-inducing. Should you disagree with an action taken under this last, and admittedly rather vague, clause in our rules please feel free to contact the administrator to discuss it.

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In exchange, nobodyplaysgames.com and its staffers will never:
  • ask for a player's personal password or username.
  • ask for a player's credit card information.
  • pretend we are paid employees of the game, or ask to meet players in person.
  • make any material available for download or distribution that we know contains any computer virus of any kind.

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Disciplinary Actions:

nobodyplaysgames.com uses a warn level system for users who do not post within the terms of the rules. An administrator may apply a counter-warn to reduce the warn level of a user but this will not occur often.

Disciplinary actions are as follows:
  • First Infraction: Warning Issued unless the infraction is highly offensive or spam. A permanent ban may be issued for some offenses.
  • Second Warn: Warning Issued.
  • Third Warn: 1-Day Ban.
  • Fourth Warn: 1-Week Ban.
  • Fifth Warn: Permanent Ban.
We never want to resort to banning people, but in some cases it is necessary for the good of the community. If you feel an infraction you have received is unfair or unwarranted, please PM the administrator to discuss the matter.

By knowing and abiding by these rules, you are helping to keep our community a fantastic gaming and social community.

Thank you.

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