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      16 Sep

    only true trekkies will notice the narrative links between star trek 3 the search for spock, star trek 6 undiscovered country, worf's tng/ds9 arc, and discovery's lrell arc with regards to cultural preservation narratives and ideologies.

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4.5 hits eu on 9 april

Update 4.5

On 9th April 2014 we will be reaching a new milestone in the history of AION with the role out of the 4.5 update on the European servers. Included in this is the second specialisation for the Engineer, the Rider. Travel with him on a powerful mech and teach your enemies the meaning of fear!


Feb 25 2014 05:30 PM

Stupid name "Rider" should be Aethertech, just like Bard should be Songweaver and gunner should be Gunslinger. Every name for items, classes, skills, armor etc GameForge uses is stupid. Even if they are orignally named like that in Korean version it's stupid, NA at least made the translations correct and the names more fitting for the translations.

I actually like the name bard and gunner more than songweaver and gunslinger... simple and suits the class.

Both names are equally suitable. Similarly both GF and NA versions have good and bad parts in their translations. NA is not error-free either. Any person who chooses to claim otherwise shows poor taste and understanding and comical levels of bias.

What? GF translation are terrible, the gunner has 3 different names depending of the NPC you talk with : gunner, garde and archer. I'm sorry but it doesn't make any sense at all. Also I won't talk about the skills names wehere you have 1 skill called let's say : "sword attack I " at lv1, then lv2 the name change to "slicing attack II " and finally lv3 it will be called something retarded like "debilitaring dragon applesauce wave III ".

And if you have a non english langage pack, some quest or even instances will just crash your client and you will have to wait for fix or play in english.

The communication with their EU community sucks, When NCSoft asked them if they wanted an Athertech name change they said Rider.

They are working with NC to get some kind of method for balancing server class population, other than that they do listen for sometimes for new skins but that's it, nothing else gets reported back to NCSoft.

Apart from that localisations are all GF are interested in and they don't do them very well.

In 4.5 they will get the dredgion extension to lvl65 and they can't even confirm that, it's more than a joke despite the NDA's.

I never said they have equal amounts of good and bad translations. But when talking specifically about the names "for items, classes, skills, armor etc", to say everything GF uses is stupid is, well... stupid.

Like in any business bottom line is profit and NCSoft included EU UK english servers and the NA EU player base with their publishing contract with Gameforge Germany as NCWest were instructed by NCSoft to set up a transfer facility for EU accounts, at that time nobody was sure but it looked like they were planning to introduce regional ip blocks which Gameforge did not apply so NCWest followed suit. None of the above English EU players require any further english translation costs than what NCSoft or NCWEST already perform so the extra costs Gameforge took on are only mainly applicable to the other now six foreign Aion languages they publish in Europe although they claim they also do UK English from German which is more likely to be a badly altered or copied NA client as they don't start English localisation of EU patches until after they are released in NA for economy reasons which they would never admit to. From their last NCSoft 3Q 2013 earnings and also from the NCSoft finance directors verbal Q/A investor conference call session:

It's obvious from their current focus that Asia / China is where they consider their current market, with NA and EU on the back burner with year on quarterly income down by 45% from the EU / NA western regions. Interestingly enough they launched Aion in China last year with around 60 servers had a major problem with waiting times to login so increased them to 100 but since then decreased them back to around launch numbers as the initial wave of interest or honeymoon passed. Also it should be noted that Linage 1 still today accounts for nearly 50% of all NCSoft income worldwide. NCSoft do not publish any specific figures from their EU or China publishers as it is against their NDA (non-disclosure agreement) stating that Royalty dipped as Lineage in Taiwan and Aion in China had high base effect in 2Q 2013. Blade & Soul in Korea showed a significant turn-around thanks to the content update called “Baek -chung” Aion is still a significant game for NCSoft, income from their royalties is reported bundled with all their games and regions they have publisher agreements with including Russia. Its still somewhat mystifying how USA Aion doesn't have far more Aion servers, perhaps they are too expensive to maintain or NCSoft have their minds more on Asian markets?. 


It's a shame they didn't do to the UK the same as NCWest with one global version of English but at that time they were unsure how to implement F2P so any deal to get rid of their Aion EU loses was acceptable to NCSoft, I hope they don't live to regret it.

This post was so boring it put me into a coma :eyeroll:

Feb 26 2014 06:23 PM

my engineer is lvl 9 standing at pernos .... xD can't wait for 4.5 

Facts are often boring Neeni, it looks like NCSoft's attempt to bring back PVP with sieges in 4.5 has already back- fired..

[color=#696969;]NCSoft have just announced a closure / merge of 15 servers into only 3 in Korea.[/color]
[color=#ffd700;]Replacing content with pvp isn't generally a viable strategy in the west, still too many bots & cheats.[/color]



Here's a lighter video from NPG's newest member Shaea:

http://www.albinobla...com/flash/weeee   love it!

Feb 27 2014 09:48 AM

shaea was here before you were i think...



anyways it's not a matter of the western audience. it's a matter of ncsoft games and pvp. they allow code that is exploited by hacks to persist, while simply nerfing the content instead, or otherwise sticking their heads in the sand on the issue.



it's easier to get someone banned in an ncsoft game for telling bad jokes or posting opinions you disagree with in chat than it is to get bots and blatant hackers banned. oh but don't worry! if you don't hack or cheat or use 3rd party RMT, there's a pretty good chance you'll be randomly banned for one of those things.


this has been going on for 10 years now across ncsoft's entire western library, and it's still going on to this day across their entire current library.


plus they seemingly have an unwillingness across their studios to appraise their class balance rationally and apply meaningful and reasonable balance passes to their game classes. this has gone on as long as the above, and continues to this day across their entire library world wide.



welcome to ncsoft games boys.

The banning in-game of players is often down to a single GM's discretion, the mods on forums as far as I know are volunteers, usually students who do not always play the game due to their studies and don't like critics. Mistakes are often made but if you pay peanuts or offer no training you know what to expect.

NCSoft games and in any PVP game there are often heated comments as player battles or wars over-spill onto forums, this is to be expected but you cant always put a wise head on young shoulders so the mods often get caught up in it, It's very easy to click ban when usually a pm or edit post will suffice, As long as any comment isn't offensive to children a ban should always be a last resort imo.

What a lot of GF mods forget is that issuing warnings turns into automatic bans so they should be told to refrain from issuing them or change the stupid system that does it.

Fact is they don't care and are not likely to change, you have to accept the game with all it's cheats, bots or rough edges or not play at all.

It also never easy moderating a UK forum with foreign mods who's native language is not English.

Feb 28 2014 05:30 PM

well as long as they have a product that people demand then they have no reason to change, until suddenly they have reason to change due to drop in demand and then it's too late for them.



as NPG.com staff we've learned this lesson as mods and as posters ourselves the hard way over at AS.



reminds me, trion is going with the now trendy it seems route of throwing down in game bans for forum misbehaviour. that'll be a fun one to watch.