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      16 Sep

    only true trekkies will notice the narrative links between star trek 3 the search for spock, star trek 6 undiscovered country, worf's tng/ds9 arc, and discovery's lrell arc with regards to cultural preservation narratives and ideologies.

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Destiny - the MMO/FPS Hybrid

As most of you know, I've been disappointed with the PvP lineup in the mmo game scene. The NA companies don't seem to understand the open world PvP crowd at all and Asian companies either don't bring their games to the states in a timely manner (BNS), come up with bizarre cash shop schemes (Black Gold's pay to save your game anybody?), and in general have localization issues that cater to a crowd of americans that really don't like the PvP scene. A while ago half of my mmo game guild wandered off and it wasn't to play any mmo game - they now play BF4 on hardcore together. Which got me to wondering - are FPS games what we have to do for PvP now?

On the FPS side, FPS games now have leveling and storylines. I'm looking at Destiny with their new instance reveal and it's a post apocalyptic dungeon with magic users. Their classes are Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Names sound familiar? Would it surprise anybody if the Warlock shot purple magic bullets?

FPS and mmo game genres seem to have hit each other at high speed. I don't know if true FPS fans will like it - the skill levels in the video didn't look very high. MMO game players might go for it however, especially if there's a good PvP scene. Note that it's only coming out on consoles, which is interesting. It's harder to cheat on a console only game. I took a look at the Destiny wiki and it looks like we know very little other than there will be both co-op and competitive PvP. Personally, I can't imagine an FPS without some good PvP, so we'll see. Might be the future for open world PvP fans.


Apr 29 2014 07:56 AM

i was reading the reddit thread for this reveal yday and alot of people (with highly upvoted posts) were basically meh on it because of one recurring theme: it looks like plays nearly identical to the more recent halo games. and the general setting/lore feels alot like halo with a light fantasy twist to it. others commented that it looked like a slower borederlands with different art style.


i can't say either of those is wrong (and in some cases there was some fairly high level elaboration of the perception behind these positions).



i think destiny will sell well among halo fans on the consoles. i don't think that if it came to pc it would do all that well. even if it came.comes to pc in a timely manner. but i think the same thing about the halo games - back in teh day these games may have been revolutionary in the vacuum that is the console fps segment, but by comparison to the average pc fps which was better established and had alot more options for most of the lifetime of the halo franchise and prior (and still does) they were relatively mediocre games, that weren't helped by their super late poor quality ports.


i also am reminded recently of bungie's history prior to halo. they were known mainly for the highly innovative but troubled myth franchise. mac was the focus of theri development and windows was kind of a commerical pregamtic reality for them. they were extremely buggy on both platforms, and had just a few short hours worth of content - this was continued in games by bungie after myth 2 - MDK2 and oni. the role microsoft played in the halo series being what it was and the not as great as people remember quality level they were but much better than bungie's previous games can not be understated - MS poured big bucks and manpower into bungie to make the halo franchise what it is popularly percieved as by console gamers today.



sidenote on the opener- korean games do poorly here since just prior to aion for more reasons than what you describe there. more reasons than just the go to popular statement of the "korean grinder" cliche. the major factor i see, that when i bring it up i get alot of agreement on is the combat. wether it's the action combat style of games like vindictus or tera, or the more traditional style seen in aion and archeage - there's certain cliches that both of these styles and the vast majority of korean mmo's share like it's some kind of rule or axiom that keep alot of people from sticking to or even touching these games again. gross class imbalances, extremely low ttk opportunities, chain cc, skills that root the player or otherwise remove control from the player or can't be canceled really really irritate wester mmo players.


while there are visible positions that tera et al action combat is evolutionary and a must have, and there are relatively small but still somewhat visible people that believe aion and similar combat is the best in the genre-  qutie a few people simply don't like the combat in korean games and can't stand to play them as a result regardless of other attributes.




anyways back to destiny- i didn't think the game play trailer did a good job of making the game look appetizing. it looks sort of slow and plodding to me.it didn't help where they were changing camera/player perspective or w/e with transitions or lulls frequently. as well the giant guns that take up a large portion of the screen is always kind of an annoying cliche in shooters lately.

dk - I already said that true fps fans might not be happy. But it looks closer to an mmo in a lot of ways than an fps to me. And yeah, I agree that their cinematic gameplay experience was more awkward than it needed to be where they went from walk animations to fighting.


At any rate, it ranks as more interesting than a lot of stuff I've seen recently.

May 01 2014 08:46 AM

kidn of interesting point snoozle - seeing my own thoughts and feels about desinty on pc, including the pre halo history of bungie, echoed in various places when destiny comes up.

I have extremely negative memories of halo fan boys honestly from a long, long time ago. I try to ignore them though... because I'm guessing that bungie is like every other company trying to do something so big - they've hired a lot of new faces and they're probably not like the old bungie anyway. Whether it will be good or not, who knows...