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      16 Sep

    only true trekkies will notice the narrative links between star trek 3 the search for spock, star trek 6 undiscovered country, worf's tng/ds9 arc, and discovery's lrell arc with regards to cultural preservation narratives and ideologies.

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Goodbye to Massively. Hello to MassivelyOP

I think it was in 2011 that i first became aware of massively. puremallace had recently departed aionsource's culture and media subforum to spread the word of Rift and the impending doom of guild wars 2. i don't recall who it was who directed me there to see him in action but he was at the time gaining quite the infamy as the quintessential rift fanboy and gw2 hater.

I didn't stick around at the time though, and once i did start reading and commenting on massively for the first time and henceforth regularly i believe in 2012 in response to the ascended patch debacle in guild wars 2 that week, puremallace was long gone and no one wanted to talk about him except in hushed whispers or passing references. sort of like that egyptian pharoah who all references to him in tombs and hieroglyphs has been marked out for all time.

I was immediately struck at this time by the level of discussion taking place and the immediate feedback to my posts via livefyre's email notification spam system. and in the sort of social media points addition frenzy i was hooked! I was readily blogging and arguing and liking away like a mad man on a daily basis. and soon after was sharing links to articles and comments to friends in irc and on fb and on AS.

Since then AS has closed and we resurrected as nobodyplaysgames.com, the site you're reading now. We know full well the effects a site closure can have on a community and with any luck the community of massively will migrate over to the crew's start up effort massivelyOP.com, which will see a kickstarter in the coming weeks and with any luck a commenting system more reliable than livefyre while keeping it's charm and useability, if not improving on it's readability to people not involved in a particular discussion.

Community is perhaps what made massively special to a lot of us. I've made friends and foes there over the past couple years, had many arguments and amazing discussions and so on. I always felt like the majority of the active commenters could consider opposing points of views to their own, and consider arguments as things not to be won but as a demonstration of differing positions to raise awareness of what is on people's minds that are not ourselves. something we discussed a bit closer to the turning of the calendar this year including some great points by senior editor brianna bree2play royce on the topic of comment section arguments.

The staff in general were above board, sometimes deflating themselves in stature, often involving themselves in the community as regular posters, as opposed to talking down to us lowly reader commenters or mocking us. and their written material when it wasn't a paraphrasing of a press release (which often themselves could have some fun bits of snark or humour added) was often amazing, the kind of stuff that deserves to be paid for in a professional writing setting. Informative and insightful and often asking tougher questions than the other guys, almost always advocating for players rather than for the developers even while loving the genre, the culture and hoping the best for the outcome of any given game launch even sometimes despite all indications to the contrary. They certainly are not perfect specimans of the blog format journalist, but invariably above what myself and many others have come to expect from the blog format and even traditional format journalism of any segment or topic. I mean sure sometimes us readers would correct a factual error, or a spelling or grammatical error in the post. but as a rule I came to consider, in the face of multiple games journalism scandals, massively staff to be 'a man apart' from the wider gaming journalism sphere in the level of professionalism they brought to the segment.

While the news of the site closing down is indeed sad, it was not met with melancholy sorrow and qq, but rather with the community coming together to sing each other's praises even across rivalries and past drama, including long time lurkers and names we only saw in like notification emails. and as a smashing climax, the last article to be posted brought news of www.massivelyOP.com being made, the aforementioned kickstarter funded start up from the OG massively crew to keep doing the stuff they loved and we loved them for. Kind of like the rising of the phoneix

Posted Image
(no probably not like this particular phoenix)

Like the legend of the Phoenix
All ends with beginnings
What keeps the planets spinning
The force from the beginning

this is (not) the end.

see you soon space cowboys. ;)


Feb 04 2015 12:00 PM

i tweeted this out and realized that our twitter address is still @aion_source. i think you can change that and still retain followers and links you know snoozle :D



also i may probably do another once over since you missed all my sentence break capitalization FUBARs. :D

Feb 06 2015 11:36 AM

so... what happened with massively? 


-low usage?


-bad admins?


why they decide to close down i mean

Feb 06 2015 12:01 PM

it wasn't low usage/views or lack of profitability or anything like that. according to bree it was some AOL exec who randomly decided to close them or something despite good profitability.


they had budget cuts last year despite high profitability as well, which resulted in staff cuts.


joystiq and their subsidiaries are top 1k US sites as it is and top 3 or was it 5k worldwide. so it was a very well viewed site.


apparently AOL did sell off the joystiq and massively names to endgadget, though oddly without the stuff that gives those names any value- the people doing the writing.

Feb 06 2015 12:06 PM

sounds stupid :d

Feb 06 2015 12:27 PM

it is stupid, but at least the team is staying together and resolving to start up their own venture.

Feb 06 2015 11:17 PM

updated the OP with the link to the kickstarter.



they went well over half their goal today and it's not even the first 24 hours done yet. i have a pretty good feel they'll more than meet their goal.


for myself i plan to add my pledge late in the campaign at the $25 level. i'd back more but my new years resolution is all about cutting back my spending.

yeah, good luck to them. They weren't shut down for lack of popularity and so I expect that they'll do well going forward too.

Feb 12 2015 09:01 AM

and they're back up and running at massivelyop.net



they're doing it unpaid currently while they wait on ks campaign to finish and funds to release and ad sales to roll in (idk if they've got their ad sales man hired yet tho)



check out the about page for a nice bit about their ethics guidelines, which being really the basic expectation in teh profession is woefully lackign in the blog format for news of any kind.