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      16 Sep

    only true trekkies will notice the narrative links between star trek 3 the search for spock, star trek 6 undiscovered country, worf's tng/ds9 arc, and discovery's lrell arc with regards to cultural preservation narratives and ideologies.

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Net Neutrality Under Fire

There are a couple of very good articles on this particular subject that I'm going to reference. One is from the Wall Street Journal and is called The FCC's Net Neutrality Options and the other is from a left wing magazine/site called The Nation and is called The FCC's Net Neutrality Proposal Explained. While the second one is from a left wing site, it actually explains how to file an opinion on the proposal for those that are American citizens and I believe that it is important to file an opinion, contact your congressman, etc. because net neutrality is kind of what the Internet is built on and if it goes away it's going to affect this site right here (I am a hobbyist and won't be able to afford the fast lane) along with lots of other sites that you may read and watch.

The basic idea behind net neutrality isn't that cable and other companies can't charge you different fees for internet services (they already do), but that the companies can charge different fees to companies to for transmitting the same data to you. They can say that they like youtube and don't like netflix and so you won't get netflix streaming at the same speed as youtube streaming. They can basically bargain with companies for the extra amounts they'll charge them to deliver the same content at the same speed to you. So internet plans will start to get more complex and look more like the following a mock up from a Huffington Post article writing about the potential end of net neutrality.

Posted Image

This probably won't affect the big companies (whom can afford to bargain and pay) as much as all the independents and startups, although even the big companies don't like this idea either as over 150 of them have already written a letter of protest over the FCC neutrality plan. Sites like our very own NPG along with lots of independent bloggers and any small startup are going to be totally screwed. We can't even begin to bargain as we don't have that kind of cash. We will be in the slow internet lane and it may take a while for the site to load after net neutrality goes away.

As a gamer, the elimination of net neutrality spells trouble as well. Most of the games I play are online these days with many of them (Minecraft, Starbound, etc.) being servers that can be run among a small group of players or games that have central servers, but are for a smaller niche audience. Those games are going to be in the slow lane on the new internet highway and only the large games run by the large games companies such as Blizzard and NCsoft are going to make it into the fast lane. Additionally, for those of you playing games in other countries there's no telling what will happen as international traffic may be de-prioritized in order to prioritize the companies paying for priority (EA anybody?). Given how important ping is, that's going to destroy the ability of any niche game to make it big with online play. Can you imagine what would have happened if Minecraft servers were in the slow lane from day 1? I can imagine it, but don't really want to think about what might have happened.

Please protest the changes to net neutrality if you can.




May 23 2014 07:53 AM

good write up. i love the pic, was going to link it in irc, but the forum software doesn't allow it for images hosted via it i guess.

That pic scares the living hell outa me, but knowing companies and how these bargains tend to go (looking at you cable TV), it's going to get depressing very quickly if the bargaining is allowed to go on. I'm depressed enough about the cable company throttling me on my end. I hate to think what would happen if they're throttling both ends of the pipe from the site to my computer.

May 23 2014 08:22 AM



thing is the FCC is headed by a corporate lackey. his previous work is in the internet carrier industry, and his next job will be right back there with a pay raise for his good work at the FCC.



meanwhile they (the ISPs) have failed to live up to their legal obligations to the taxpayer from taking billions in subsidies and tax dollars to improve infrastructure in the US (is the case here in canada too), and then claim that it's becuase customers don't want faster internet. (here our ISPs claim it's becuase we have better internet than americans do :DDDDDDDDDDDD)


nevermind the regional monopolies these companies excercise with impunity in your country. where as here they just agree not to actually compete with each other.

May 28 2014 11:25 PM


The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) just released a blog on net neutrality that's worth reading:




At the end of the blog there's a link to a form for people to comment on the fcc's plans. For those that are lazy it works. For those that aren't lazy, feel free to comment on how the new rules would further put USA innovation down the proverbial toilet. These folks don't seem to get that the economy is global and not usa only. It would be funny and yet sad to watch the USA hobble itself by cutting the toes off its internet feet while the rest of the world dances freely.

And the net neutrality battle goes on: http://time.com/3576...-open-internet/

Nov 11 2014 09:19 AM

i'm surprsed the utility idea wasn't brought up sooner.


it makes alot of sense tbh.

Well, there are a lot of complaints about how utilities are run in general. Granted, since they privatized a lot of our utilities I'm no longer sure what the complaints are anymore, but I'm sure somebody still has some kind of complaints to air.


Speaking of which - for those euros out there that may someday want to travel across the USA on train, do be aware that the tracks are held privately and Amtrak has to pull over to allow company trains priority. So trains commonly get delayed. It's one of those bizarre capitalist things that you just have to put up with...

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